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Project Description
This project is here to document my transition from Web Forms to MVC. Please forgive me as I will often rant because everything I know how to do is gone; thanks

This project is here to help me learn how to make the transition from Web Forms to MVC. Apparently my entire world has been turned upside down to use MVC since there are no Server Controls and no events, so I feel like I am completely learning a new paradigm.

Each version of this project will cover a few specific areas of things I currently know how to do in the Web Forms world, but will need help from people to learn how to the same thing in MVC. My new job is working on an MVC project so I need to learn this information. Perhaps it will help someone else is why I created the open source project, if not people I ask for help will have a place to grab the project and update it.

Each download will cover a specific topic or topics so read more information about each download.

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